September 15th - November 20th

As of Wednesday, Nov. 21, Wondering Around Wandering is closed forever. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr pages for a history of the things we accomplished during our residency.
983 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Between Franklin and Classon Ave.
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Wandering Around Wondering is a free three-month community exhibition and series of events that will coincide with the launch of my monograph, published by Rizzoli. The event space will host workshops, screenings, gatherings, open discussions, and much more — conducted by me and a select group of design and illustration professionals. The space will become a dynamic environment for continuous creation, where visitors will be able to explore freely and create their own unique experiences.

Do you want to bring your school or class through for a workshop or tour? Let me know — contact me at mike [at] or 347.463.2343.

We are looking for some volunteers. If you are intersted in helping out please contact me at mike [at] or 347.463.2343.


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For any press request please contact Andy Stepanian at andy [at]


October 20, 2012
A new article came out this week about WAW. Give it a read here.

September 29, 2012
Brand new workshop scheduled with Santtu Mustonen on 10/13! This is gonna be crazy good.

September 28, 2012
Got a little love from Art/Design/Culture blog The Fox is Black this week. Thanks guys!

September 27, 2012
Faith Briggs published a piece about WAW today. Check it out!
September 22, 2012
First day of workshops was amazing. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. See what we were up to on Instagram.
September 20, 2012
Scratch that—it started raining, we'll be closing at 6pm.
Gorgeous day today. We're keeping the gallery open until 7pm. Stop by and say hello!
September 16, 2012
The opening party was beyond what we could have imagined. 500 people wandered through our gallery spacelab making the dream a reality. Check out the photos here.
August 21, 2012
Everything is really coming together. Construction started last friday. J and I spent yesterday positioning the walls in the space and today the contractors will be hanging the sheet rock. 
August 6, 2012
Hoping to launch the website today. 
July 30, 2012
Things are in full swing over here. We have secured the exhibition space and are trying to secure all of the events.




ON TUESDAY, NOV. 20, 2012

It's been an incredible 3-months. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. Since our opening on September 15, we have:

- welcomed 3,000 visitors,
- hosted 14 workshops
- held 3 performances & screenings
- exhibited 3 group shows with 100 artists
- hosted tons of class trips & kids events
- sold 70+ works of art

We were able to keep everything free and open to the public thanks to our Kickstarter family, Duvel, Urban Outiftters and all the artists who ran workshops and held performances without fee.

Last night's closing gala was a truly special affair. Thank you to all of you who made it out to celebrate with us. And, a special thanks to all the bands and contributors, especially Menahan Street BandOwen and the EyeballsHints, Park Delicatessen, all our long-term supporters, and our incredible staff and crew.



Wondering Around Wandering
(Works so far by Mike Perry)
September 15 - November 20

Inspired by his Rizzoli-published monograph by the same the name, Mike Perry's Wandering Around Wandering is an awe-inspiring exhibition of his works so far including brand-new and never-before-shown works in two and three dimensions.

Artypes: Salon No. 4 "Still Life"
(Curated by Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeffrey Franklin and Matthew Giordano)
November 3 - November 20

WAW's third and final group show, Artypes is a series of Art Salons curated by Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeffrey Franklin and Matthew Giordano. Featuring 88 works from 40 artists, Still Life was the fourth installation.

Happy Accidents
(Curated by DR.ME)
October 7 through October 31.

Curated by the Manchester-based duo DR.ME — Ryan Doyle (DR) and Mark Edwards (ME), WAW's second group show featured a nonaccidental international group of multidisciplinary artists: Linus Bill, Rhys Coren, Ryan Doyle, Daniel Eatock, Mark Edwards, Jonathan Flanders, Sebastian Haslauer, Steve Hockett, Hannan Jones, and John P. 

Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing
(Curated by Mike Perry)
September 15 through October 3.

Initially curated in book form by Brooklyn based artist and designer Mike Perry, the project expanded into a traveling exhibition with shows in LA, Portland and Cincinnati. The exhibition made its final stop at WAW in September 2012, and included prints by 40 contemporary artists, including: Ashkan, Deanne Cheuk, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, Seripop, Sonnenzimmer, James Victore and many more.

Visit us soon at
for a look back at our 3-month residency.





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