Mike Perry Studio

Who am I?

Mike Perry is an artist, animator, creative director, brand consultant, poet, and designer. His work encompasses paintings, drawings, sculptures, art installations, books, murals, all of which are made to conjure that feeling of soul-soaring you have when you stare into distant galaxies on a dark night, when you go on long journeys into the imagination, when you laugh and can’t stop laughing. Key to Mike’s working method is the recognition that art and objects, go through many iterations—discoveries, coverings, uncoverings—until they’re finished; people do the same until they are fully revealed. He likes to cultivate collectives of celebration, exhibition, and revelation. 

In recent years, Mike has completed a series of animation projects including the acclaimed show openers for the Comedy Central program Broad City, now in its third season; advertising for Coca-Cola, Oreo, and the Canadian cellphone company Koodo; as well as shorts for clients ranging from Herman Miller to GQ and RayBan. He continues to create new animation work and is developing a comedic series.  

Mike’s projects extend from informal journal drawings to elaborate productions realized by him and the studio’s Director of Craft J Bell, who is responsible for making the installations, sculptures, and other built projects the studio produces. The two work together and in larger collectives. In addition to the studio’s continual output, Mike has led a series of ongoing art initiatives: for five years, he’s organized "Nudes," a 12-hour marathon during which people get naked and a group of artists draw them nude. Four have been held in New York City, and one in London.

For the 2012 show “Wondering Around Wandering”—a pop-up project launched in conjunction with the eponymous monograph published by Rizzoli—Mike raised $31,560 on Kickstarter to build a gallery and performance space for art, dance, theater, and music that was a creative playground for the local Crown Heights community.  

The monograph Wondering Around Wandering—gathering art that Mike has made over the years—is an anthology that is at turns humorous, mystical, poetic, warm, sexy, charming, serene. Within its pages are watercolor sunsets at the edge of space-time juxtaposed with houses on doughnuts floating in whiteness—not to mention three-dimensional letters and other sculptures, like a log leaking a galaxy. Here as elsewhere, Mike integrates our yearnings and archetypes into an aesthetic world that is sometimes evocative of a gouached big bang, and at other times collaged portraits of daydream reveries. These fields of color and pattern are doorways to alternative universes that represent your own possibility better than anything you can see. He seeks to remind us to delight when witnessing this ecstatic cosmos. He has fun doing this, and he wants you to have fun doing it, too. 

With his work, he wants to remind you of your exquisite magnificence. He seeks to create planetariums of inner space and imagination. He wants you to recognize our poetic interdependence.

Companies have commissioned Mike Perry Studio to make custom art installations featuring Mike’s vibrantly visual meditations on the universe, fantasy, funny situations, and life itself.  The extensive wraparound wall mural for Facebook’s New York City offices (2015) and the outdoor wall art for a Chipotle restaurant in La Brea, Los Angeles (2013) are two such enterprises.  For Duvel, Studio Perry built a wood and LED-lightbox sculpture writ with cutout squiggles.  

The studio has also completed several public art initiatives. In the summer of 2015, Mike and J led the Pacific Park mural project, enlisting a collective of nine artists to create massive paintings along a 1,080 x 16-foot expanse of fencing in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards neighborhood. Elsewhere, his Crown Heights collage, installed throughout 2015, paid homage to the neighborhood where he works. 

Mike is creative director of the magazine Tidal, a forum for culture, art, fashion, photography, and music; the pages are defined by their lush, sexy photography, intimate portraits, and splashes of design artistry and joie de vivre

Mike’s book My Mother Caught Me Doodling (2015) is a gorgeously sensual, exquisitely printed celebration of the female nude. With its extensive variety of painting and drawing styles, visual jokes, and fantastic scenarios, the book is erotic, amusing, intoxicating, and, in some of its collages, haunting. 

Mike has authored several additional books. Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing (2011) is an anthology of contemporary silk-screening. Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns (2008) explores the nuances, texture, and elegance of illustrative patterns. Princeton Architectural Press published his first book, Hand Job (2006), an homage to the beauty of hand-drawn type that Mike completed just a few years after finishing school. Past commissioned illustrations have appeared in publications such as PlayboyThe New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal

Mike is currently working on new animation projects, a TV series, branding projects, an exhibition, and a forthcoming book. 

Most days, Mike is engaged in stream-of-consciousness visual narration at his Brooklyn studio. There’s a folder for each project and most are spilling onto the walls and screens. He uses his pen, inks, paints, pencil, collage, structure, shape, paper, and software as moment-to-moment investigations into the future becoming the present—limning the to be that is past. 

Mike is intrigued by spiraling galaxies of mind and thought, by questions like, “What is your unique history of Infinity?” In his notebook are sketches of things to come and the evolving master blueprint of Perryland. He is continually exercising his faith in the transformative power of making things. His work can be considered love notes to the abstract, unknowable future that is all possibility in the present. He invites you to join him on this curious journey to discover more of the unknown. He is grateful that you are here.

Books Published:

The Broad City Coloring Book / Author / Laurence King 2017
Curios / Blurb 2016
My Mother Caught Me Doodling / Author / Mike Perry Studio 2015
Wandering Around Wondering / Author / Rizzolli NY 2012
A Coloring book by Mike Perry and You / Author / Chronicle Books 2012
Type: Wall Decals / Author / Chronicle Books 2012
Unlimited Editions / Author / Chronicle Books 2012
I Heart Everything / Author / Chronicle Books 2011
Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Prints / Author / Princeton Architectural Press 2011
Iron Me On / Author / Chronicle Books 2009
Over & Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns / Author / Princeton Architectural Press 2008
Hand Job: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Type / Author / Princeton Architectural Press 2007

exterior cummunication:

Speaker, 99U, New York, NY, 2017
Keynote Speaker, Made in the Middle, Kansas City, MO, 2016
Keynote Speaker, Like Minds, Beacon NY, 2016
Putting Holes in Clean White Walls at the Monolog Theater, NY, NY 2016
Art of the Title, PROMAX NY, NY 2016
Off-Set Dublin, 2014
MICA Guest Lecturer 2014
Future of Story Telling NYC 2013
YCN Soho House NYC 2013
Moleskin Salon Brooklyn, November 2012
AIGA/NY Fresh Dialogue 27: Design Dualities 2011
AIGA Chicago, August 2010
Target Corporation Minneapolis MN, August 2010
How Design Conference Denver CO, June 2010
Design Kids: Design a Zine, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum 2010
Yale University, 2010
University of Flordia, Ligature 2008
MICA, Graduate Weekend Workshop, Fall 2008
MICA, Graduate Weekend Workshop, Spring 2008
MCAD, 2008
AIGA Philadelphia, 2008


Visiting Professor, Parsons at the New School / 2010 - 2012
Visiting Professor, University of the Arts / Winter 2009
Adjunct Faculty, MICA / 2008
Adjunct Faculty, MCAD / 2004


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Plus Eighty One / Featured Artist August 2013
FLJ / Freatured Artist September 2011
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Hardcore / Featured Artist February 2011
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Nylon Korea / Featured Artist Janurary 2010
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STEP magazine / January–February 2004 / Top 25 young designers under the age of 35

Published / Featured Books:

Art for Obama by Shepard Fairey and Jennifer Gross
Beyond Architecture, Gestalten
Box The Evolution of Charater Design, Gingko Press
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Solo Exhibition - “Intoxicating Pollen Wiggling in a Moist Journey of Constantly Blooming Tides” / Garis & Hahn / New YorkUSA / April - May 2016
Curation - Pacific Park Arts / 10 Murals 1 Day / Brooklyn, NY 2015 - Present
Curation - #GetNudeGetDrawn / Nude 5 / Tictail POP-UP / New York, NY / Janurary 2016
Group Exhibition - Graphic Design: Now in Production Walker Art Center, Cooper- Hewitt, Hammer Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, RISD / Ocotober 2011 - August 2014Solo Exhibition - “My Mother Caught Me Doodling” / KK Outlet / London , England / November 2014
Curation: - #GetNudeGetDrawn / Nude 4 / Its Nice that POP-UP / London, EnglandNovember 2014
Curation: - #GetNudeGetDrawn / Nude 3 / Middle Gallery / Brooklyn, NY /March 2013
Curation: - #GetNudeGetDrawn / Nude 2 / Kinfolk POP-UP / Brooklyn, NY 2012
Curation: - #GetNudeGetDrawn / Nude 1 / Artypes / Brooklyn, NY Janurary 2011
Solo Exhibition - “Wondering around Wandering” / POP-UP Gallery / Brooklyn, NY September - December 2012
Solo Exhibition - “We are the infinity of Each Other” / B Gallery / Tokyo, Japan / June - July 2011
Solo Exhibition - “Color Shapes and Infinity” / Public Image 3D / Tokyo, Japan / June 2011
Solo Exhibition - “If this were a Dream I would be Laying Down” / Teshima Ryokan / Yamaguchi, Japan / January 2011
Solo Exhibition - “Lost in the Discover of What Shapes the Mind,” MACD Gallery / Minneapolis, MN / March 2010
Solo Exhibition - “Giant Zine,” Grass Hut / Portland, OR / June - April2009
Solo Exhibition - “The Landscape Between Time & Space,” DDB / London, England / September 2008
Solo Exhibition - “The Patterns Found in Space,” Giant Robot / New York, NY / March - April2009
Collabrative Exhibition - “Eat Me” Human Empire / Hamburg, Germany / November 2010
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Group Exhibition - “Simple Lines” The Simple Space / New York, NY / October 2010
Group Exhibition - “Public Works 2,” Andrew Rafacz Gallery Gallery / Chicago, IL / July 2010
Group Exhibition - “Whats the Big Idea,” Double Punch Gallery / San Fransisco, CA / July 2010
Group Exhibition - “This is the Book I have Written for You,” Park Life Gallery / San Fransisco, CA / June 2010
Group Exhibition - “Character Traits,” Trunk / Brooklyn, NY / February 2010
Group Exhibition - “20/10 Vision,” Gallery Hanahou, New York, NY / February 2010
Group Exhibition - “Browsing Copy” Usless Gallery / Suntec, Singapore / November 2009 - February 2010
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Group Exhibition - “VIPP” DWR Tools for Living / New York, NY / November 2009
Group Exhibition - “Nesting Works” DWR Tools for Living / New York, NY / October 2009
Group Exhibition - “Art & Sole” El Kartel / Vancouver, B.C. Canada / October 2009
Group Exhibition - “A Small Number of Things” Giant Robot SF / San Francisco, CA / September 2009
Group Exhibition - “Contributors” Traveling / Canada / August 2009
Group Exhibition - “Sketchbook Obsessions” New York Times / New York, NY / July 2009
Group Exhibition - “Beneath the Surface” NEMO / Portland, OR / May 2009
Group Exhibition - “Amsterdam Loves New York 400 years,” Amsterdam, Holland / April 2009
Group Exhibition - “Inspired,” TinLark Gallery / Los Angles, CA / Janurary - Feburary2009
Group Exhibition - “Manifest Hope: DC,” / Washington D.C. / Janurary - Feburary2009
Group Exhibition - “Printed Matter IV” Giant Robot / San Francisco, CA / Janurary - Feburary2009
Group Exhibition - “The Joyful Bewilderment,” Rough Trade East / London, England / October 2009
Group Exhibition - “Off-Register,” Traveling Show / July - Janurary2008 - 2009
Group Exhibition - “Highmath”  / Berlin, Germany /  January 2008
Group Exhibition - “It’s Nice That” Traveling / London, England / December 2008
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Group Exhibition - “Human Empire,” / Human Empire / Hamberg, Germany / March 2007